IJIEInternational Journal of Industrial Entomology (Korean Society of Sericultural Science; South Korea)
IJIEInternational Journal of Information Ethics (International Center for Information Ethics; Germany)
IJIEInternational Journal of Industrial Engineering (University of Cincinnati)
IJIEInternational Journal of Impact Engineering
IJIEInternational Journal of Inclusive Education
IJIEInternational Journal of Intelligent Enterprise
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XO Group is excited to work with Touchmedia to expand the awareness of our brands, including Ijie.com in China, and to help the company strengthen its position as the world's leading in-taxi media and advertising company .
The company subsidiary, Ijie.com, a multi-platform resource for weddings, relationships and pregnancy for Chinese viewers, is partnering with SINA Corporation (NASDAQ GS: SINA), an online media company in China, to launch a 'Weddings' channel on Sina.com.
The mechanical properties of the nanocomposites synthesized using the SO AM method exhibit higher values than those of iJie nanocomposites prepared by the other methods.
Al iniciar este siglo XXI, la busqueda de una perspectiva para la net-etica o etica para la red se hace visible en productos intelectuales y actividades academicas de reconocidas universidades norteamericanas, como MIT, o europeas, como Oxford, que inician la socializacion de la perspectiva etica en la red; son ejemplo de esto publicaciones como el International Journal of Information Ethics (IJIE), centros de investigacion como el Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) y su organizacion anexa Good Electronics, que difunde una perspectiva practica, junto con fundaciones u organizaciones profesionales, como ACM-SIGCAS, que tambien lideran enfoques practicos.
Japanese fugitive Dobashi Masatoshi, 49, who was undocumented alien since July 1995, together with Ryota Ozeki, Masayuki Ozeki, Yushinori Makino, Ijie Makino, and Susumu Yoshimura were deported over the weekend.
Em Avaliacao da qualidade do periodico cientifico para indexacao: estudo de caso ilustrado na Revista Ibero-Americana de Engenharia Industrial (IJIE), Ensslin et al.
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