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He informed Ijima of the positive response of the Japanese businessmen to the Pakistan Investment Seminar organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), as well as the JETRO plans to establish a 800 square metres Japan pavilion at the Expo Pakistan being organized in Karachi in end February.
Reformist Appointees to the Supreme Court Justice Appointed Age University Hosokawa Cabinet Hideo Chigusa 9/93 61 Tokyo U Shigeharu Negishi 1/94 61 Tokyo U Hisako Takahashi 2/94 66 Tokyo U Yukinobu Ozaki 2/94 64 Tokyo U Murayama Cabinet Shin'ichi Kaai 7/94 62 Kyoto U Mitsuo Endo 2/95 64 Hosei U Kazutomo Ijima 8/95 62 N.A.
Astonishingly, this explanation of terrorist motivation ignores the words regarding jihad contained in Sharia, a theo-political-legal doctrine based on the Koran (the exact words of Allah as revealed to Muhammad), the Surma ("the way of the prophet" as contained in Hadith and Sira, collections of experiences and sayings of Muhammad), Ijima (the consensus of Islamic scholars), Qiya (Islamic scholarly reasoning by analogy), and centuries of clerical debate, interpretation, and precedent.
In 1991, Sumio Ijima of NEC Laboratories of Japan discovered the multiwall carbon nanotubes whose diameters were of nanoscale.
This is an exciting result of NEC's decade-long investment in nanotubes: They can proudly claim that their research fellow Sumio Iijima discovered them in 1991 (see page 18 for an interview with Ijima).
Kainaka, 62, will assume the post Monday to replace Kazutomo Ijima, a former public prosecutor who is set to retire Sunday.
Meanwhile, Tatsuo Kainaka, superintendent public prosecutor in the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, will be named a Supreme Court justice to replace Kazutomo Ijima, a former public prosecutor who is set to retire Oct.
Beer garden director Kenji Ijima was struggling to cope with the demands of thirsty supporters
In handing down the ruling on two similar suits, Presiding Judge Kazutomo Ijima said the producer of game software has the same distribution rights as movie producers, but loses such rights once the product is sold legitimately, as it is not intended for mass viewing as in the case of movies.
Remarks.--Upon his erection of Heterochone, Ijima (1927) provided an extensive comparison of the new genus with its only sister genus, Aphrocallistes, but did not provide a diagnosis.
Ijima, The Era of We-Construction: Reclaiming the Politics of Asian Pacific American Identity and Reflections on the Critique of the Black/White Paradigm, 29 COLUM.
The government policy then was to encourage people to come from neighbouring countries and settle there so that these areas could be transformed into arable land (Karan and Ijima 1987).