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IJKInternacia Junulara Kongreso (Esperanto: International Youth Congress of Esperanto)
IJKInternational Jewellery Kobe (Japan; jewelers' trade show)
IJKIzhevsk, Russia (Airport Code)
IJKI'm Just Kidding
IJKI Just Know
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DMDK is heading by yesteryear actor Vijaykanth, PMK by Ramadoss, MDMK by Vaiko (V Gopalsamy) KMDK by AM Raja and IJK is being headed by TR Pachamuthu.
Singh's announcement of seat- sharing was made in the presence of Vijayakanth, Anbumani Ramadoss ( of PMK), Vaiko, IJK's Pariventhar and KMDK's Easwaran.
Drawing parallels between Kashmir and the political situation and solutions utilized in Northern Ireland, he recommends a multidimensional framework with several key elements including sustained intergovernmental cooperation between India and Pakistan, genuine democracy in IJK, a power-sharing government in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and improved respect for human rights through reduced Indian military presence and the release of political prisoners in IJK.
[A.sub.0(jjk)] is the intercept, and [A.sub.1(ijk)] is the slope.
[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are independent random variables which represent the effect of part, operator, operator-part interaction, and the random error on [A.sub.0(ijk)], respectively.
For simple linear profile gauge study, [A.sub.0(jjk)] and [A.sub.1(ijk)] can be obtained easily when the measured results are profiles directly.
[[??].sub.0(ijk)] and [[??].sub.1(ijk)] are the least-square estimates of [A.sub.0(jjk)] and [A.sub.1(ijk)] which are normally distributed.
[Y.sub.ijk] = [B.sub.0(ijk)] + [B.sub.1(ijk)] [X.sup.*.sub.ijk] + [[epsilon].sub.ijk], (7)
where [X.sup.*.sub.ijk] = [X.sub.ijk] - [bar.X], [B.sub.0(ijk)] = [A.sub.0(ijk)] + [A.sub.1(ijk)] [bar.X], and [B.sub.1(ijk)] = [A.sub.1(ijk)].
In the alternative form, the measurement error is reflected by [[??].sub.0(ijk)] and [[??].sub.1(ijk)].
[y.sub.ijk] = [X.sub.ijk] [b.sub.ijk] + [[alpha].sub.k] [P.sub.a(ijk)] + d[P.sub.d(ijk)] + [e.sub.ijk ] Where, [y.sub.ijk] is the standardized phenotype for [F.sub.2] progeny j of [F.sub.1] sire i in population k (KNPxYK or KNPxLN), [X.sub.ijk] and [b.sub.ijk] are the design matrix and solution vector for fixed effects and covariates and [e.sub.ijk] is a residual.
Coefficient [P.sub.pat(ijk)] is the probability of animal j inheriting a LN (YK) allele vs.