IJLMInternational Journal of Logistics Management
IJLMInternational Journal of Learning and Media
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Aalto is the top-ranked school for IJLM, Lund for IJPDLM, Ohio State for both JBL (same as the previous two rankings) and JOM, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management for JSCM, and Michigan State for TJ.
While the annual List provides a more frequent update of the rankings based on a five-year rolling window, the series herein assesses a broader set of journals by including IJLM, IJPDLM, and TJ.
Table 6 depicts the rankings of the journals assessed in the series herein based on inclusion in the SCM Journal List (JBL, JOM, JSCM) or not (IJLM, IJPDLM, TJ), and table 7 displays the top-10 ranked schools for each group.
Yet, several of the major journals in the discipline such as TJ (1961),JSCM (1965), IJLM (1970), and IJPDLM (1970) have recently or will soon celebrate 50 years in press.
"Twenty Years of IJLM: Evolution in Research." International Journal of Logistics Management 23 (1): 4-30.
Our resultant list included the following journals: Transportation Journal (TJ), Journal of Business Logistics (JBL), International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (IJPDLM), International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM), Journal of Supply Chain Management (JSCM), Supply Chain Management, an International Journal (SCMIJ), Journal of Operations Management (JOM), and Management Science (MS).
TJ and IJLM have the fewest theory-driven articles in the research period.
Theory research in supply chain management journals (JSCM and SCMIJ) began to surface in 2003 and in logistics journals (TJ, JBL, IJPDLM, and IJLM) in 2005.
The top-ranked universities by journal include Auburn University (IJLM), Cranfield University (IJPDLM), the Ohio State University (JBL), Arizona State University (JOM), Miami University (JSCM), and University of North Texas (TJ).
Table 1/Citations Justifying Journals Assessed Journal Authors Justifying Quality and Importance International Journal of Coleman, Bolumole, and Frankel 2012; Logistics Management Liao-Troth, Thomas, and Fawcett 2012 (IJLM) International Journal of Crum and Poist 2011; Beuckelaer and Physical Distribution & Wagner 2012; Coleman, Bolumole and Logistics Management Frankel 2012 (IJPDLM) Journal of Business Giunipero et al.
In particular, TRC, Tran, IJPDLM, TP, IJLM, TRR:TRB, and TJ had improved rank of four spots or more with AAI, while NRL, TRE, JTEP, and JSCM fell by five or more spots, and TRD and JBL fell by four.
Only two journals' rankings moved more than three spots (IJLM and IJPDLM) from the baseline ranking, and the difference in rank between the engineering-based AAI and the economics/management-based AM was more than three spots for only one journal (IJLM).