IJMCInternational Journal of Mobile Communications
IJMCInternational Journal of Mathematics and Computation
IJMCInternational Junk Mail Clearinghouse
IJMCInstitute of Journalism and Mass Communication (various locations)
IJMCInternational Journal of Mass Customization (quarterly publication)
IJMCInternational Justice Mission Canada
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The Virginia Tech team, including students Matt Antonelli, Ian Knudson, Allison Popernack and Avalon Schuler, received a $1,200 scholarship and also will have their paper published in IJMC.
All papers published in IJMC are approved only after a rigorous peer review process.
IJMC is accredited by Thomson Reuters, a world renowned information source, and is now included in the Thomson Reuters research and citation database.
Druschitz, will receive a $1,200 FEF scholarship as a group and their paper also will be published in the IJMC.
Published by the American Foundry Society, the IJMC is dedicated to leading the transfer of research and technology for the global metalcasting industry.
"The IJMC continues to strive to be the global leader in transfer and dissemination of research and technology for the global metalcasting industry," said Tom Prucha, AFS vice president of technical services.
Also included in the fall IJMC are the papers "Adapting More Progressive Refractory Coating Measurement Controls, Prediction of Hot Tear Formation in a Magnesium Alloy Permanent Mold Casting" and "Transformation Kinetics and Ferrite-Pearlite Ratios in a 65-45-12 Ductile Iron." The issue concludes with results from the AFS/Foundry Educational Foundation Student Technology Competition, which recognizes metalcasting-related research and activities of undergraduate students in the FEF school network.
Also included in the IJMC are two articles on the fluidity and filling of aluminum castings; the first discussing mold filling in lost foam casting of aluminum alloys and the second paper aiding the understanding of fluidity.
To subscribe to the leading publication of research and technology to the global metalcasting industry, or for more information on the IJMC, visit www.metalcastingjournal.com or contact AFS customer service at 800/537-4237.
the IJMC website has been updated so papers may be submitted and reviewed electronically, making the submission process easier for both authors and reviewers.
The IJMC website includes previous and current issue search, paper submission information, paper reviews, a table of contents for the current issue, editorial from the current issue, and purchasing and subscription information.
The IJMC is dedicated to leading the transfer of research and technology to the global metalcasting industry.