IJMEIndian Journal of Medical Ethics (formerly Issues in Medical Ethics)
IJMEInternational Journal of Modern Engineering
IJMEIranian Journal of Medical Education
IJMEInternational Journal of Maritime Engineering
IJMEInternational Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship (Binary University College, Malaysia)
IJMEInternational Journal of Mathematics Education
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Coinciding with fiftieth-anniversary ISME celebrations, IJME moved from ISME's in-house printer at the University of Western Australia to SAGE Publications.
This reviewer can report that IJME has "found its feet" once again after almost a decade of experimentation.
IJME continues to struggle with achieving an international balance of authors.
The newly constituted IJME compares favorably with its music education counterparts.
With additional support, IJME will be able to continue to publish three issues a year, including one special issue, and increase its reach in the world.
If you search for "multicultural education" in the World Wide Web, IJME will appear quickly.
In terms of reach, the count of registered users of IJME now numbers over 2,800 people.
In an Anniversary Issue-accompanying Metalogue to appear on the IJME blog site (http://iime-iournal.
We hope that IJME is a welcome addition to your scholarship and to the praxis of multicultural education.