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As I discussed earlier, my departure from IJME as Editor-in-Chief will reconfigure both my identity and IJMEs identity.
(IJMES transliteration for the Arabic -yah is y, although English sources use the i instead, as in Faisal or in Dubai.) Furthermore, and although the transliteration of aACAyAbd (servant or slave) ought to be rendered as aACAyAbdul, the "ul" (al) was really the article of the succeeding word, as in aACAyAbdul Allah, and that together they meant "servant of God".
Even though both are generally acceptable ways of spelling or transliterating the title, the proper method, if we follow the United Nations Romanization system that differs slightly from IJMES, should be Bayan ud-Din (UNGEGN Working Group).
Press, 1999); Steven Judd, "Ghaylan al-Dimashqi: The Isolation of a Heretic in Islamic Historiography," IJMES 3l (1999): 161-84.
w[acute{a}]safat 'she described' (see my "Towards a Generative Phonology of Arabic," IJMES 5 [1974]: 99).
"The Murder of the Caliph cUthman" (also from IJMES [1973]) refers to the critical point in the history of those years, and perhaps the central event of Islamic history after the Prophet's lifetime.
Roy Mottahedeh, IJMES 7 [1976]: 163) was written in 1873, at age 23.
Considering her impressive erudition, it is surprising that she makes no mention of Estelle Whelan's seminal article, "The Origins of the Mihrab Mujawwaf: A Reinterpretation," IJMES 18 (1986): 205-23.
Bosworth, "Al-Jabarti and the Frankish Archeologists," IJMES 8 (1977): 229-36.
Stewart, "Tribal Law in the Arab World: A Review of the Literature," IJMES 19 (1987): 476.
Although a revisionist approach to the "Islamic city" has already been undertaken rigorously by Janet Abu-Lughod in a memorable article (IJMES, May 1987), a further investigation with detailed case studies would have been most welcome.