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IJOInternational Journal of Obesity
IJOIndependent Jewelers Organization
IJOInternational Journal of Oncology
IJOIndividual Job Order
IJOInternet Journal of Ophthalmology
IJOInternational Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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(38) That same year, prosecutors allege, Ali Kourani, another alleged U.S.-based Hezbollah operative, traveled to Guangzhou, China, the location of a company that manufactured "the ammonium nitrate-based First Aid ice packs that were [later] "seized in connection with thwarted [Hezbollah Islamic Jihad Organization] IJO attacks in Thailand and Cyprus." (39) According to prosecutors, Ali Kourani and Samer el Debek were primarily tasked with carrying out preoperational surveillance for potential Hezbollah attacks in the United States and Panama.
A total of 457 publications (original research, case report, and reviews) were made in 2015 in the BJORL, IJO-HNS, IJO, Acta ORL Ital, and Auris Nasus Larynx journals belonging to these countries, respectively.
The IJO currently focuses on articles relating to osteological analysis of archaeological material.
"Over the next few months Mughniyeh was busy recruiting for the IJO, while at the same time furthering his ties to local Shi'a religious leaders such as Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah.
terminalis infestation on several plant variables of 5 soybean cultivars (('Gepak Kuning', 'Mahameru', 'Gepak Ijo', and 'Anjasmoro') and 8 soybean cultivars ('Gepak Kuning', 'Kaba','Burangrang', 'Mahameru', 'Willis', 'Gepak Ijo', 'Argomulyo', and 'Anjasmoro') were evaluated in the field in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
Joe: The other training we get that helps us keep on top of things is we belong to a group called IJO, the Independent Jewelers Association.
Also in 1948 the companies "Ladislaus Fon & Szego Ijo" and Ana Polacsek merged into Caransebes "United Barrel Factories" trading company (Narai, 2011: 255).
The intent of this IJO special edition is to integrate neuroscience and clinical practice to advance hearing health care.