IJOAInternational Journal of Organizational Analysis
IJOAInternational Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia
IJOAInternational Journal of Advertising
IJOAInstitute of Job and Occupational Analysis
IJOAIllinois Juvenile Officers Association (South Holland, IL)
IJOAInternationalen Jungen Orchester-Akademie
IJOAIllinois Jeepers Offroad Association
IJOAInternational Jurists Organisation, Asia
IJOAInternational Juvenile Officers Association
IJOAIraq Joint Operations Area (US DoD)
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Adjustments and readjustments were made to adequately support units in the IJOA.
Anham inherited a huge mission, and it planned to support the IJOA from only one warehouse in Kuwait.
In 2009, three engineer brigades were deployed to support operations in the IJOA. In the initial planning for OND, it was proposed to redeploy all engineer brigades to meet the USF-I force cap of 50,000, but one engineer brigade was retained to support the multiple engineer missions foreseen.
Prime power teams conducted numerous assessments of enduring site power requirements and provided contract officer technical representative expertise to multiple power plants in the IJOA. In addition, forward engineer support teams-advance provided civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering expertise and design capability to enduring sites and to the repostured units as bases transitioned.
The SBH contract completed its second 6-month option period, and in September 2010 Versar International of Springfield, Va., won the firm fixed price electrical inspection and repair contract to continue electrical inspection and repair services across the IJOA. The Versar contract had a 1-year base period of performance (PoP) with two 5-month option periods.
This directly correlates to the 94 percent reduction in fires throughout the IJOA over TF SAFE's 3-year history.
Memorandum, USF-I, 6 Jan 2010, SUBJECT: Designation as NAVFOR Authority for IJOA (Enclosed)
SUBJECT: Designation as ARFOR Authority for IJOA (Enclosed)
As USF-I conducted an operational maneuver for the entire IJOA during the July 2011 headquarters relocation, the question of how to continue the integration of interrelated command functions at current NCW levels surfaced.
Unfortunately, because of the unit rotation cycle in the IJOA, the unit requesting the changes has usually been replaced by a new unit before PM-BCS3 completes any modifications.
The expeditionary sustainment command (ESC) is responsible for keeping the fuel flowing throughout the IJOA by balancing the tasks of predicting consumption and ordering the correct amounts and types (JP8, diesel, or gasoline) from the correct sources.
TPE is managed and accounted for by the 402d Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) and hand receipted to units in the IJOA. As part of the responsible drawdown of forces and the correlating responsible reset of equipment, U.S.