IJOBInternational Journal of Organisational Behaviour (Australia)
IJOBICFAI (Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India) Journal of Organizational Behavior
IJOBInternational Journal of Biotronics (Biotron Institute; Japan)
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The inner loop of the modified DLAEBZ, given in Figure 2, terminates early when ITMP1 is equal to NAB (JI, 2) if IJOB [is less than or equal to] 2.
K=N IF (IJOB.LE.2) K = NAB(JI, 2) DO 90 J = 2, N TMP2 = D(J) - E2(J-1) / TMP2 - TMP1 IF( TMP2.LE.PIVMIN ) THEN ITMP1 = ITMP1 + 1 IF(ITMP1.GE.K) GO TO 91 TMP2 = MIN(TMP2, -PIVMIN) END IF 90 CONTINUE 91 CONTINUE The subroutine BISECT in LINPACK has a code fragment similar to Figure 1 that can be modified in a manner similar to Figure 2.
ijob version 4.0 greatly expands its candidate relationship management functionality, giving customers the ability to track and view all interactions with every candidate.
-- Extensive ability to personalize the candidate experience by allowing employers to tailor the ijob candidate and recruiter interfaces to match its corporate and/or employment brand.
"These new relationship management and global features address the most important aspect of recruiting today - the need to effectively build and manage candidate relationships," said Larry Dunivan, ijob general manager, Lawson Software.
Job candidates using the ijob service provide information such as job preferences, resumes and interview data at their convenience.
The strongest feature of Hal (our technology name) is that ijob controls the type and quality of data coming into the company by interviewing the candidate about the skills required by the organization.
In the early version of ijob, we didn't interview for preferences.
As each solution evolved, ijob was able to prescreen and prioritize candidates while matching skills to positions - all in an essentially automated online system.
Now, two-and-a-half years later, ijob has evolved into a sophisticated recruiting solution offered by Lawson Software as a part of its Insight[TM] System or as a service that can be outsourced.
iJobs stands for "Internet Jobs." It can be accessed by visiting CalPERS Career Opportunities page at www.calpers.ca.gov, or by accessing the State of California's web site at www.my.ca.gov.
State retirees interested in positions can register with iJobs, create a virtual resume of their work history online, search for jobs by area of the state, and contact potential state employer agencies via email.