IJPDLMInternational Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
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While the annual List provides a more frequent update of the rankings based on a five-year rolling window, the series herein assesses a broader set of journals by including IJLM, IJPDLM, and TJ.
Table 6 depicts the rankings of the journals assessed in the series herein based on inclusion in the SCM Journal List (JBL, JOM, JSCM) or not (IJLM, IJPDLM, TJ), and table 7 displays the top-10 ranked schools for each group.
Yet, several of the major journals in the discipline such as TJ (1961),JSCM (1965), IJLM (1970), and IJPDLM (1970) have recently or will soon celebrate 50 years in press.
Note that the upward momentum began in the period when Mentzer and Kahn (1995) stressed the importance of theory-driven research and when IJPDLM published the special issue on theoretical research, which included the Stock (1997) call for LSCM theoretical research.
Theory research in supply chain management journals (JSCM and SCMIJ) began to surface in 2003 and in logistics journals (TJ, JBL, IJPDLM, and IJLM) in 2005.