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IJSI Just Saw
IJSInstitut Jozef Stefan (Slovenian institute)
IJSInk Jet Server
IJSI'm Just Saying
IJSInternacia Junulara Semajno (Esperanto: International Youth Week; Hungary)
IJSIndividual Job Search (various locations)
IJSIndian Journal of Surgery
IJSInstitute of Jesuit Sources
IJSIntrinsic Jitter Spectrum
IJSISU (International Skating Union) Judging System (figure skating scoring system)
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The search for the host by the IJs is determined by the type of foraging they may present, which is important in selecting species or strains of entomopathogenic nematodes for pest control.
However, the effect of environmental conditions and of the storage method on the viability, reproductive capacity and the infectiousness of infective juveniles (IJs) are unknown, although this information is fundamental for the use of Heterorhabditis sp.
The camaraderie that we IJs experienced at rest and in each other's chambers was replaced by a constant scattering of our sensibilities about asylum law when we donned our robes and voluntarily departed to our separate corners of the world, our own tiny principalities, and our own courtrooms.
EOIR expanded its training program in 2006, particularly for newly hired IJs, and annually solicits IJs' views on their training needs.
"We discovered that one of the IJS operation failure modes was the direct result of the utility-supplied power" says William Hodgson, an electrical engineer at Rosetta Inpharmatics.
If the proposed offer is accepted, RBS will gain ABN's LaSalle business to further strengthen its position in the IJS, become Europe's corporate bank, and open up access to fast-growing Asian markets.
EJS = extrinsic job satisfaction; IJS = intrinsic job satisfaction; MIH = mental ill-health; PIH = physical ill-health; TA = Type A; LOC = locus of control; MSP = managerial pressures; ESP = employee pressures; WKL = workload; LCO = lifestyle coping; OCO = occupation coping.
However, IJS reportedly works best with PlantStar's own Focus-100 plantwide monitoring network.
NASSIRIYA, Iraq, April 4 (KUNA) -- Organized by the Iraq Journalists Syndicate (IJS), the visiting Kuwaiti media delegation was taken on a tour Tuesday to the southern Iraqi city of Ur in the governorate of Dhi Qar.
The life cycle includes the non-feeding third-stage infective juveniles (IJs), or "Dauer" larvae, which is the only free-living stage, that gain access into the haemocel of host insects through natural body openings or by penetrating thin cuticles (Lewis et al.