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Most recently, the International Journal of Sport Management (IJSM) was reviewed to assess the statistical data analysis techniques used and found a majority (71.9%) of research was quantitative in nature (Quarterman, Hwang, Han, Pitts, Jackson, & Ahn, 2010).
Similar to the analysis of statistical techniques used to study JSM and IJSM, Quarterman, Pitts, Jackson, Kim, and Kim (2005) assessed the techniques used in SMQ from 1992 to 2004.
* Fly ash for haul roads are considered in a recent paper in the International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment (IJSM - Vol.14, No.2), This points out the problems certain prairie coal mines in Canada have because of the lack of good quality aggregate to build haul roads, especially for today's ever larger trucks.
This editorial does not change the focus of the previous recent editorial comments of the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management (IJSM).
As Editors of the IJSM, Manuel Portugal Ferreira and I decided to encourage and help young researchers and graduate students, not only with better reviews, but also with a group of editorial comments that would serve as a tutorial for the preparation and review of their articles.