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IJVinternal jugular vein
IJVIndependent Jewish Voices
IJVInternational Joint Venture
IJVInternal Jugular Venous Catheterization (emergency medicine)
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In the IJV context, legitimacy is typically categorized as internal or external legitimacy based on the evaluating audiences.
IJV inflammation may lead to septic emboli that can spread to involve various sites of the body including the lungs, joints, soft tissues, liver, and brain.
Lemierre's syndrome was diagnosed based of the presence of septic emboli on chest X-ray and right IJV thrombus on the Doppler scan.
Farber has repeatedly denigrated IJV, which supports the Palestinian(https://bdsmovement.net) civil society's call to put economic and diplomatic pressure on Israel.
Further, forward subluxation of the C1 may also obstruct the IJV and jugular foramen, as seen in this case study.
Late complications were also found to be more in patients who had a history of IV cannulation and IJV insertion prior to making of the fistula (p value- 0.000).
The severe neurologic symptoms and their abrupt onset must be ascribed either to the concurrent presence of a retrograde VGE in the right IJV, and/or to air bubbles escaping into the systemic circulation through a intrapulmonary shunt or the transcapillary route that determined a massive ischemic injury in the territory of the right middle cerebral artery [30, 32, 33].
Patients presenting with a history of an oropharyngeal infection with signs of sepsis as well as septic emboli should have consideration of this disease process, with a low threshold to evaluate for septic emboli as well as IJV thrombophlebitis.
Caption: Figure 3: Resolution of left IJV filling defect after treatment.
The completely thrombosed ipsilateral IJV was ligated and excised.
USG of the neck showed fusiform dilatation of the lower segment of the IJV with a caliber of 2.5 cm, increasing on coughing to 3.1cm (Figure 2).