IKADIndustrie Kring Aalten-Dinxperlo (Dutch: Aalten-Dinxperlo Industrial Circle)
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The company started operation in 1977 using the brand of IKAD. Its other products are tableware with the brand of IKG.
Gresik Diamond 5.0 Senrico Djaja Marmer Jakarta Superitalia 2.7 Union Keramik Utama Jakarta Union 9.0 Metro pole Megah Tangerang Roman 3.0 Angsa Daya Tangerang Ikad 2.5 Arwana Citra Mulia Tangerang Arwana -- Intikeramik Alamsari Tangerang Essenza -- Ind.
Table - 3 Production of ceramic roof tiles by producers 1999 - June 2000 Company 1999 2000 *) PT KIA Keramik Mas 13,400 12,300 PT Abadi Genteng 6,480 5,580 PT Ikad Keramik 1,860 1,440 PT Teracindo 1,860 1,260 PT Keramikatama 2,280 1,620 PT Metropolitan 1,740 1,080 PT Keramindo Megah 4,960 3,780 PT Catra Parama 3,360 2,700 Others 559 532 Total 36,499 30,292 * January - June Source: Survey/Data Consult
The other big players in Indonesia's ceramic tile industry are as follows: PT Mulia Keramik Indahraya (of the Mulia Group), which has a capacity to produce 29 million square meters of floor tiles and 17 million square meters of wall tiles per annum and markets its products under brand name "Mulia Keramik"; PT Senrico Djaja Mariner Industries (of the Manunggal Sempurna Group) with its "Super Italia" products; PT Angsa Daya (of the Kedaung Group) with its "IKAD" products; PT Metropole Megah/PT Satyaraya Keramindo Indah (of the Satya Djaja Group) with its "Roman" and "Royal" products; and PT Asia Victory Industry Ltd.
The company commenced its operations in 1977 and markets its ceramic tile products under brand name "IKAD." As for its tableware products, it markets them under brand name "IKG." In addition to ceramic tiles and tableware, PT Angsa Daya also produces brick fire roofs, granite tiles, and mozaic tiles.
PT Angsa Daya is known for its ceramic tile products, which it markets under brand name IKAD.