IKAMInternational Key Account Management
IKAMInternationale Koordination Anthroposophische Medizin (German: International Coordination Anthroposophical Medicine; Dornach, Switzerland)
IKAMInstitut Kajian Angkasa Malaysia (Malay: Malaysian Institute for Space Studies)
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L'oeuvre Lui ou la creation virtuelle et interactive en temps-reel (scene 2) * Monde de l'art: Catherine Ikam, Louis Fleri et leurs collaborateurs.
Il y est precise que le Centre de creation en realite virtuelle a finance et realise en collaboration avec les designers de l'Agence Darwin un personnage de realite virtuelle << imagine et cree par Catherine Ikam et Louis Fleri >>t l.
Les << auteurs >> du comedien virtuel (Catherine Ikam et Louis Fleri) y delivrent une autorisation non exclusive de representation scenique d'Oscar dans le cadre des representations francaises du spectacle Schlag!
Une troisieme application definit une dizaine d'ambiances lumineuses et les fait varier en fonction des actions des personnages ; voir Ikam et Fleri (2003).
For over a decade, Radio Vanuatu has transmitted special broadcasts announcing the probable timing of the Palolo's emergence (one of the most recent such reports appeared in the website http://www.fnsvanuatu.com/pvpbin/pvponline.exe, under the headline 'Wan taem long wan yia, worn blong solwota long wiken ikam!').
Atif Ikam Sheikh also called upon the business community and the nation to remember Edhi's legacy and honor him by continuing his mission.
TOL Gases Limited (earlier Tanzania Oxygen Limited (TOL)) has launched the marketing of carbon dioxide (Co2) produced at its Mbeya facilities of Ikam and Kyejo to Malawi and Zambia.
Erdogan and Kavaf will also address a meeting to be organized by Istanbul Research Center on Women (IKAM) in cooperation with Turkey's Permanent Mission to the UN.
Istanbul Women's Research Center (IKAM) is hosting International Istanbul Women's Meeting, WOMANist, indicating "women and Istanbul" or "women in Istanbul".