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IKAPInstituti Kosovar per Administrate Publike (Albanian: Kosovar Institute for Public Administration)
IKAPIndigenous Knowledge and People
IKAPIKK (IKB (Ikappa B)-Kinase)-Complex-Associated Protein
IKAPI-KappaB-Associated Protein
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In a meeting in the presence of Peugeot and IKAP managers with representatives from IKAP project suppliers, Yannick Bzard, Executive Vice President, Director Purchasing at Peugeot SA Elaborated on a production project of 70,000 sets of vehicles in Oran, Algeria.
Gil Ast and colleagues administered phosphatidylserine to cells derived from familial dysautonomia patients and observed an increase in gene function as well as higher levels of IKAP. The team then fed the supplement every two days for three months to mice genetically engineered with the mutation that causes the disease in humans.
When the supplement was applied to cells taken from FD patients, the gene function improved and an elevation in the level of IKAP protein was observed, reports Prof.
Although other cells appear able to make IKAP protein, only autonomic nerve cells seem affected by the mutation It could be that other cells compensate for the loss or just don't need the protein into thrive, Gusella says.
He went on saying Peugeot picked up 100 out of 200 Iranian auto parts manufacturers and linked them to foreign auto parts manufactures for cooperation within IKAP.
Provision of bus transport for children, pupils and students of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, VO within the implementation of key activities of the Implementation of the Regional Action Plan of the Central Bohemia Region (hereinafter "IKAP").
Meanwhile the joint venture between Iran Khodro and Peugeots, IKAP, will display 2008 and 508 models.
Happy birthday, too, to Francesco Dakila Sadiwa aka Ikap!
In an address to reporters on the sidelines of Second International Tehran Auto Show 2017, Head of IKCO-Peugeot Joint Venture (IKAP) Mohammad Reza Motamed said the project to establish the production line for Peugeot 301 is underway as scheduled within the contract signed in 2016.
Tenders are invited for Measuring aids for teaching - IKAP
Emphasizing other operations taken place in his company, he mentioned, "IKCO has set its international cooperation target with establishing IKAP as a JV with Peugeot, the MOU and 10-sided international contract for design and development of new product platform and new powertrain design as well as a variety of collaboration models."
Tenders are invited for Laboratory devices for the IKAP project and other performance