IKBDCIraq Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission
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(140) It drew in large part from the IKBDC decision noting how, in the aftermath of its decision, the Security Council supported the legal principle that coordinates could and would be authoritative boundary markers.
(154) In a letter to the President of the Security Council dated January 18, 2008, the President of Ethiopia decried the Commission's decision as having "no validity in international law." (155) Despite the legal reasoning outlined in the decision with reference to the IKBDC and Argentina-Chile decisions, Ethiopia maintains that the coordinates are invalid "because they are not the product of a demarcation process recognised by international law." (156) As shown above, however, while monumentation may be considered evidence of an accepted practice, not all international borders are demarcated with monuments and there is no source of legal authority suggesting it is required.
The majority in the Taba Tribunal, as well as the IKBDC, pursued such authorization, but found conflicting information.