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IKBSIntelligent Knowledge Based System
IKBSInformation Knowledge Based Systems (expert systems)
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It took Klein several years and the public's consternation to arrive at the IKBs, so one of the pleasures of this exhibition is to see much of his groping development towards the monochrome aesthetic.
The IKBS, together with his monochrome sculptures, may have given Klein noforiety, but they are happily nof over-emphasised.
The IKBS ball-bearing pivot system coupled with Interframe-style mechanism makes opening and closing the blade as smooth as silk.
CRKT's Onion-designed Ripple was the first manufactured knife to incorporate an IKBS (Ikoma Korth Bearing System) blade pivot.
In addition to the flipper and IKBS bearing system, CRKT has also incorporated other useful patented systems into their knives.
The new IKBS bearing system is being picked up by custom knifemakers and manufacturers alike.