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IKCIrish Kennel Club (Dublin, Ireland)
IKCInternational Kennel Club
IKCIn-Kind Contribution
IKCInternational Kinesiology College (Australia)
IKCIndiana Karst Conservancy (cave preservation)
IKCIntegrated Knowledge Centre (knowledge transfer collaboration)
IKCImperial Klingon Cruiser (Star Trek)
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IKC Holdings is already involved in major projects that aim to promote higher education in various countries.
TCD, Consejo Centroamericano de Bosques y Areas Protegidas-GTZ-Ministerio de Cooperacion Tecnica del Reino de los Paises Bajos, IKC, Pucallpa, Peru.
It will be held 15 years after re-unification, under the auspices of the UN of IKC.
For example, at Wujal Wujal, the IKC has a daily homework club.
Willet and Betty had elected to be jointly and severally liable for the gift taxes under IKC sections 2513(a) and (d).
Moreover, the IKC calculates that production of veal in the EU might be cut by half if the proposed premiums for beef producers are implemented.
The product features the IKC 5 axis water jet cutting head, that helps make inclined cuts and controls kerf to ensure optimal part quality.
In Deutzche Gesellshaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GMBH, Ministerio de Cooperacion Tecnica del Reino de los Paises Bajos & IKC Natuur Beheer National Reference Center for Nature Management (eds.
Sean Amos, UPSS IKC business manager, said about a dozen students from Wales - one of them, Clair Atterbury, from Rhyl - the UK and overseas are in the first batch of candidates expected to start the new MSc early next month.
Therefore, the IKC 2004 will not only serve as a platform for an international board of specialists in the field of pharmacology and toxicology to present and discuss their new findings, with respect to the importance of quality control mechanisms, it will also bring together a wide range of parties involved in the growing, trading and processing of kava, in addition to representatives of the governments of the kava-producing Pacific Islands states.
Obtained from merger between corporate and Investama and IKC