IKDCInternational Knee Documentation Committee
IKDCIngvar Kamprad Design Center (Lund University, Sweden)
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There was no difference between groups in terms of functional evaluation with IKDC scores before (p=0.127) and after surgery (p=0.106) (Table 3).
With regard to clinical outcomes, they found no difference at 3 months but significantly improved clinical scores (Lysholm, IKDC, and Tegner) at 6 and 12 months postoperatively.
At every follow-up, visual analog scale (VAS) was used to assess knee pain and the International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) form was used to assess knee function.
Scores from the IKDC, KOOS, Modified Cincinnati Rating outcome, and the survey created for this investigation were entered into a database for data analysis.
Objective measures include a comprehensive knee examination (utilizing the 2000 IKDC knee form) performed by a Sports Medicine Fellow who was not involved in any of the surgeries and who was blinded to the primary treating surgeon.
We evaluated 28 patients (14 without and 14 with repair of the PLMRT) who underwent ACL reconstruction using clinical evaluation and the International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC).
pain, adverse events 50 (1) MRI (1) 100% normal or [72] nearly normal IKDC objective score at 2 years in HA-BMAC (microfracture 64%).
K-L score: 0 to 3 [21] Ref VAS IKDC Vaquerizo et al.
Thus, the IKDC score of anatomic single-bundle ACL reconstruction can reach only 61% -67% of normal level (Gianotti et al., 2009).
The IKDC scale reported in this paper showed grade A/B (normal/nearly normal) after the surgery in 93.4% patients from group I, 89.9% from group II and 96.6% from group III compared to 0% before the ACL reconstruction.
To know the functional outcome of arthroscopic guided anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using Lysholm knee score and IKDC score.
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