IKEGInternationaal Kinder Evangelisatie Genootschap (Dutch: International Child Evangelism Fellowship)
IKEGIndustrial Klay Extruder Gun (Kemper product)
IKEGIrish Knitwear Exporters Guild (Ireland)
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SteadyServ iKeg: This application demonstration will show the SteadyServ iKeg using sensors to measure keg volume, analyze the data locally with a Digi ConnectPort gateway, then send the analysis into the cloud over a Zigbee connection.
The SteadyServ website description of the company's system shows how the raw sensor data is just the first step in a comprehensive application solution: "The SteadyServ iKeg system includes a mobile app that provides real-time information about your beer supply.
Most discourse on IoT tends to focus on the vast potential of the technology, but in this edition of AXIOM we show the IoT in action with success stories like SteadyServ Technologies unique RFID-enabled iKeg inventory management solution," said Rondekka Moore, vice president, demand creation, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, and AXIOM s editorial director.