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IKEv2Internet Key Exchange Version 2
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Since it's basically a key exchange protocol, IKEv2 does nothing to shield the applications on mobile devices from crashing when the device is unreachable (for example, out of range, or in hibernate mode).
It supports multiple offload architecture options, including the standard 3GPP I-WLAN approach based on IPsec and IKEv2, as well as an innovative approach to PDG/TTG functionality based on 802.
Vendors testing their products with IKEv2 were IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, SafeNet, SonicWALL, strongSwan Project, TAHI Project and Xpressent.
In addition to making Novell the first Linux vendor to appear on the list, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is also the only general-purpose operating system with IPsec IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange v2) support to date.
The IKEv2 standard for VPN authentication and key exchange was developed to promote interoperability and performance in the areas of security, throughput, ease of use and remote user access.
Many vendors have continued their commitment to providing secure and interoperable products by certifying their IPsec IKEv2 products with ICSA Labs.
3 Enhances Usability with Mobile Broadband and IKEv2 Support
The Mobile VPN architecture is built on industry standards such as OMA DM, IKEv2 and others, providing IT professionals with more flexibility to extend the capabilities of Windows Mobile phones.
0 Client offers improvements over AuthenTec's QuickSec VPN Client for Android by offering the latest features such as IKEv2 with MOBIKE, IPv6 and Gingerbread (Android 2.
22) that it has certified four products that use the newly enhanced Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Network standard that helps validate the user or device, using the new key exchange protocol IKEv2.
Smaller and faster: Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)-based algorithms and compact implementations enable faster key exchanges, while IKEv2, including MOBIKE and Mobile IP, provides for greater standardization and faster IPSec tunnel negotiations.