IKHIntegrated Kabbalistic Healing
IKHIchimoku Kinko Hyo (Japanese: Equilibrium Chart at a Glance; financial market)
IKHInteressengemeinschaft Kleine Heime (German: Small Interest Group Homes)
IKHIdiopathic Ketotic Hypoglycemia
IKHI Know, Huh?
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Then we have that the functions F ([[zeta].bar] (s + ikh, [[alpha].bar]; [a.bar], [b.bar])) and s - [[sigma].sub.0] on the disc [absolute value of s - [[sigma].sub.0]] [less than or equal to] [r.sub.0] satisfy the conditions of Lemma 4.
Rosenblatt's contribution to the Mayrev volume was an epic ode called "Tsum vildn vest zing ikh" (I Sing to the Wild West), which traced the history of settlement in the American West from the days of covered wagons and "wet gold-sand in copper sieves" to the "big cities" of its present, drawing repeated contrasts between that history and the history of the Jewish people.
Son yillarda yapilan calisma ve derlemelerde HS tedavisinin IKH'u mannitolden daha iyi ve hizli dusurdugu gorulmustur Ayrica HS'in hemodinamiye, beyin perfuzyon basinci/okijenasyonuna, beyin hucrelerinin membran potansiyellerinin korunmasi/tamirine ve anti-enflamasyona mannitolun aksine olumlu etkileri oldugu saptanmistir.
2011: Argali food habits and dietary overlap with domestic livestock in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia.
Sovershenstvovaniye transmissiy dorozhnykh mashin dlya povysheniya ikh konkurentosposobnosti i obespecheniya importozameshcheniya [Improvement of the transmissions of road vehicles to improve their competitiveness and ensure import substitution].
(38.) Tha'alibi, 2: 288-89; this story also appears in one manuscript of IKh (see 1: 392).
For examples of complaints against family members pursuing converts, see "Perepiska s raznymi litsami o kreshchenii ikh v pravoslavnuiu veru," 1867-79, (Tsentral 'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv Sankt-Peterburga [TsGIA SPb] f.
(30) Larica Grosheva, "Sotsial'nyye strakhi i ikh preodoleniye u veruyushchikh i ateistov" (PhD diss., Russian state social university, 2004), 76.
Developed as part of our ongoing commitment to bringing the best value to our customers, this new deal offers the lowest available rates for calls to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh," said Feras al ShaA[degrees] ikh, director of consumer sales at Ooredoo.
Abe visited the PresidentEe's residence at the Ikh Tenger Complex, becoming the first head of a foreign government to visit President Ts.ElegdorjEe's home with a family member.
36 Hamdan M a, Sawair F a, Rajab LD, Hamdan AM, Al-Omari IKH. Regional odontodysplasia: a review of the literature and report of a case.
putem // Ekspertiza normativnykh pravovykh aktov i ikh proektov na