IKIMInstitut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (Malay: Malaysian Institute of Islamic Understanding)
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Ikim director-general Datuk Nik Mustapha Nik Hassan said it would leave it to the Education Ministry and relevant agencies to study the contents of the subject and the experts to determine at what age it should be taught.
cit.; Zainah Anwar, Islamic Revivalism in Malaysia: Dakwah Among the Students (Petaling Jaya: Pelanduk Publications, 1987); Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Harold, "The Formative Years of The Dakwah Movement: Origins, Causes and Manifestations of Islamic Resurgence in Malaysia", IKIM Journal 10, no.
See Hein Ikim, "Fighting for Opportunity in a Man's World," Far Eastern Economic Review, 8 September 1988), p.
Beatrice senses Ikim's sexism as "the only chink in his revolutionary armor." And under her prodding, Ikem finally comes around, recanting his "candid chauvinism" in a four-page-long apologia.
'When the pet owner doesn't feed his or her pet, that's a form of abuse too,' said Salehatul Khuzaimah, who has appeared on TV Alhijrah and IKIM FM radio station to talk about animal welfare issues.
Addressing a discussion titled, "Crisis in Religious Thinking", Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) director-general Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas said the ability to think is a major factor for a non-Muslim to decide whether to become a Muslim.
Ismail is Director, Centre for Science and Technology, IKIM, Malaysia.
only waiting for the final candidates list to be announced (by Najib),' he said after the 'Mahabbah IKIM FM and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin 2018: Untukmu Al Aqsa dan Rohingya' programme at the university's mosque compound here today.
Talk-shows of radio IKIM, held interviews of scholars who did not promote pluralism and an inclusive understanding of religion.
This Arabic term appears in the "how-to" business books produced by the Institute for Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), a think tank established by the government to project Islamic values in business.
(129.) As shown with numerous citations from the classical fiqh sources by Mohd Dani Muhamad, "Unsur Perancangan Bandar dalam Pandangan Hidup Islam" ("Elements of Urban Planning in the Worldview of Islam"), paper presented in the Seminar on Development without Disrupting the Environment: The Islamic Perspective, organized by the Institute for Islamic Understanding (IKIM), Kuala Lumpur, September 19-20, 2006.