IKPIIkatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia (Indonesian: Tax Consultant Association of Indonesia; Jakarta, Indonesia)
IKPIInduk Koperasi Perikanan Indonesia (Indonesian: Cooperative Parent Fisheries Indonesia)
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Bassey Ikpi is a Nigerian-born American spoken-word poet, writer, and mental health advocate
[8.] Offem BO, Ayotunde EO, Ikpi GU (2008) Dynamics in the Reproductive Biology of Heterobranchus longifilis Val, (Pisces: 1840) in the Inland Wetlands of Cross River.
Bacterial counts of 5.8 x [10.sup.3] cfu/g and 4.1 x [10.sup.3] cfu/g for Clarias gariepinus fingerlings in fish farms and aquaria respectively, was higher than 3.5 x [10.sup.3] cfu/g and 2.9 x [10.sup.3] cfu/g for fish cultured in a similar experiment by Ikpi & Offem (2008).
(1995) "Contribution of meal women to agricultural planning and development in Nigeria" in Ikpi, A.E and J.
The ship procurement plan was initiated by the Induk Koperasi Perikanan Indonesia (IKPI) and KUD.
She named the awardees to include: Oladapo Sunday with state code number NG/18B/2092, Dikko Ademu, with state code number NG/18B/0085, Ogbodu Genevieve, state code number NG/18B/0292 an Ikpi Eno with state code no.
[10.] Manyong VM, Ikpi A, Olayemi JK, Yusuf SA, Omonona BT, Okoruwa V, and FS Idachaba Agriculture in Nigeria: Identifying opportunities for increased commercialization and investment.
The two most important factors responsible for the credit supply increase in fish production has been profitability and quick returns on invested capital which encourages formal and informal credit institutions to provide needed capital more readily for fish production than other agricultural productions (Adinya and Ikpi, 2008; Offem et al, 2008).
According to Adinya and Ikpi (2008) Cross river State has the potential to be self- sufficient in fish production because of the presence of river and suitable ecological zone for its production either in ponds, dams or rivers.
Ikpi. After the inauguration, members of the panel embarked on a country wide tour and they met hostile receptions but they kept on in their assignment.
[6.] Agboola PO, Ikpi AE and PM Kormawa "Factors Influencing Food Insecurity among Rural Farming Households in Africa: Results of Analysis From Nigeria".
Ikpi - Corresponding author: E mail: bon4all_2006@yahoo.com Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Cross River University of Technology, Obubra, Cross River State, Nigeria Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, University of Phort Harcourt, River State, Nigeria Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria Department of Fishery, Cross River University of Technology, Obubra, Cross River State, Nigeria