IKPPIndah Kiat Pulp Paper (Indonesian paper mill)
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After IKPP, the second largest paper producer is PT.
IKPP sold part of its share on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in IPO in 1990.
IKPP hold the license to build 656,597 hectares of HTI around 410,556 hectares are to be grown with pulp trees.
IKPP received a loan of Rp 210 billion from Bank DKI to refinance debt used to acquire machine for its paper plant in the village of Pinang Sebatang, Pekan Baru, Riau.
After IKPP, other major producers of paper include PT.
In addition as a result of failure to collect commission and a surge in operating cost, IKPP posted a net loss of US$ 46.
The current ratio of IKPP also showed a sharp decline reflecting a condition of not stable.
The decline in the financial liquidity of IKPP is also caused mainly by a surge in current liabilities in the first half of 2001 and a decline in current assets from US$ 1.
To make up for the shortfall in the supply of wood raw material, IKPP still needs bridging material from IPK and land clearing for plantations and resettlement centers especially trees with a diameter of less than 30 cm.
In 1990, PT IKPP entered the capital market and in 1992 it acquired PT Sinar Dunia Makmur, a paper producer also belonging to the Sinar Mas Group.