IKTInformasjons- og Kommunikasjonsteknologi (Norwegian: Information and Communication Technology)
IKTInformations-och Kommunikationsteknik (Swedish: Information and Communication Technology)
IKTInformations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (German: Information and Communication Technology)
IKTI Know That
IKTInstitute of Knowledge Transfer (UK)
IKTInformacijske in Komunikacijske Tehnologije (Slovenian: Information and Communication Technology)
IKTIrkutsk, Russia - Irkutsk (Airport Code)
IKTIndustriële Kring Twente
IKTInternet Killed Television (YouTube series)
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While the framework described in their paper provides valuable insights into the trainee experience, Sim et al (2) offer a somewhat limited interpretation of the purpose of the fellowship and the role the HSI fellow plays in supporting IKT. Collectively, as a postdoctoral fellow (CEC), health system mentor (SB), and academic mentor (IDG), we view the fellowship's purpose with a different lens and are hesitant to conceptualize the fellows' role as 'driving change' within the health system.
Nepaisant to, kad nuotolinio ir misriojo mokymosi skeptikai pabrezia tiesioginio bendravimo stoka tarp destytojo ir besimokanciojo, nepakankama destytoju kompetencija naudoti IKT mokant kalbu, abejoja nuotoliniu studiju kokybe bei apeliuoja i dideles islaidas technologinei infrastrukturai isigyti ar prasta programines ir technines irangos funkcionavima, perejimas nuo tradicinio destymo paradigmos prie technologijomis gristo kalbu mokymo (-si) yra neisvengiamas.
Umoe IKT, which employs 384, had last year negative EBITDA of NOK28.1m on revenues of NOK973m.
This goal is primarily supported through the HSI fellows' work on identified impact projects within their host organizations; several authors described their projects as IKT in nature.
Umoe IKT's enterprise value is equal to four million shares in Atea.
Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) is a model of collaborative research, where researchers work with knowledge users who identify a problem and have the authority to implement the research recommendations.
Following the acquisition of IKT, the company will have 45 employees and a turnover of SEK45m.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-29 June 2006-Umoe IKT AS acquires ComputerLand Norge AS(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
The Norwegian IT industry organisation IKT Norge has predicted that the industry will see a lack of IT investments this year and that there will be a reduction in the turnover.