IKVIktisadi Kalkinma Vakfi (Turkish: Economic Development Foundation)
IKVInstitut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (German: Institute of Plastics Processing)
IKVIslamischer Kulturverein (German Islamic culture association)
IKVIllya Kuryaki & the Valderramas (Argentinean band)
IKVImperial Klingon Vessel (Star Trek)
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When the IKV announced the technology in the USA at ANTEC[R] 2014, the inverse screw could only process POM, not PP or PMMA.
Aim of the research work at the IKV is the characterization of the material-dependent injection molding process for an optimized production of electronic parts.
Shortly after takeoff, the pilot informed ATC he wanted to return to IKV due to an oil leak.
The IKV says the new approach may be an alternative to the production of highly integrated hollow articles that are usually made of thermoplastics.
Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry, IKV Conference on Rubber Meets Science--Organic and Silicone Rubber Processing, Erholungsgesellschaft, Aachen, Germany, www.
South Sudan Law society in partnership with the Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution and with support from Justice Africa, Cordaid and IKV Pax Christi has concluded a three day dialogue on the constitution and the constitution review process in Bentiu, Unity State.
The book is fruit of a joint effort of Mass Welfare Foundation (MWF) and IKV Pax Christi.
According to the IKV, this move wakens the EU's credibility "not only in the eyes of the Turkish public but also in the world" and "goes against the pacta sunt servanda' principle, which is a fundamental value of the EU".
In gap impregnation RTM, developed by the IKV lnstitute of Plastics Processing (Aachen, Germany), a preform is inserted into a special mold, then impregnated with a liquid resin, and finally cured.
A newly developed approach at IKV uses the advantages of the integrative approach and extends it by an automatic back coupling of deformation results during the filling simulation.
The IKV says it is regarded as the most promising and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical foaming with water, which results in hard segments and embrittlement in polyurethane parts.