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M, DNA ladder; 1, un-treated cell; 2, IL-15 (100ng/ml) treated cell; 3, IL-8 (100ng/ml) treated cells, 4, IL-1 b /TNF- a (100ng/ml) treated cells; 5, Water; 6, positive control, human endothelial cell cDNA.
However, the cells which were treated with IL-8 seem to show a little more IL-15R a mRNA expression than other treatments.
1,10,11) Our previous findings showed that a significant portion of IL-8 in lung fluids from patients with ALI/ARDS is associated with anti-IL-8 autoantibodies (anti-IL-8:IL-8 complexes).
19,20) Importantly, our studies indicate that immune complexes containing a functional homolog of IL-8 (mouse [KC.
The resulting lysate was used for IL-8 measurements without further centrifugation.
IL-8 was measured with the enzyme immunoassay IMMULITE IL-8 (test code, 18; DPC Biermann) performed fully automated on the IMMULITE system.