IL6RInterleukin 6 Receptor
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1 IL1R2 161 forward interleukin 1 receptor, reverse type II NM_001110785 IL6R 149 forward interleukin 6 receptor reverse XM_004016974 IL6ST 139 forward glycoprotein 130 reverse NM_174674 TNFRSF1A 137 forward tumor necrosis factor reverse receptor, type 1 NM_001040490 TNFRSF1B 122 forward tumor necrosis factor reverse receptor, type 2 GenBank Acc.
In the present study, the smoking-related methylat ion changes to RUNX3, IL6R, PTAFR, and ANKRD11 (cardiovascular-related genes) and CEP135 and CDH23 (cancer-related genes) corresponded to increased gene expression.
A separate analysis pooling the results of 40 studies involving 133,449 participants showed that the IL6R variant and tocilizumab had similar effects.
IFNGR1, IL6R, CCNT2, PBEF1, and PPP1CB were identified by two probe sets, so 28 identification numbers (IDs) are listed in Table 3.