IL76Ilyushin Il-76 (airlifter)
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It has also leased to the coalition IL76 transport airlift for forces and equipment.
The first official aircraft to land was an Ilyushin IL76 that brought cargo from Afghanistan and will fly to Djibouti today.
IAF has committed 13 more aircraft to 30 aircraft already carrying out the relief and rescue efforts taking the total number of aircraft to 43 which includes 36 rotary wing aircraft( 23 Mi 17IV/Mi 17 V5, 11 ALH, 01 Cheetah, 01 Mi 26), two C130Js, three AN 32, one AVRO and one IL76.
"The passengers will be flown back to India on four special flights (one of them IL76) on March 8 and 9," the statement said.