ILAFInterim Liquidity Adjustment Facility (finance; India)
ILAFIsraeli Laboratory Animal Forum (est. 1998)
ILAFIndependent Local Advisory Forum (health; UK)
ILAFInternational Lawyers' Association of Finland
ILAFIdentically Located Acceleration and Force (US NASA experiment)
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Government sources told the on-line daily Ilaf that the ministry would set the minimum marriage age at 17.
The formula (5) has the same variables of formula (4) except for a new variable indicated as ILAF (Iterative Location Adjustment Factor) instead of LAF (Location Adjustment factor).
Error of I R R Square Square the Estimate 1 ,970 (a) ,940 ,919 18020,096 (a.) Predictors: (Constant), ILAF, BALCONY, DATE, ELEVATOR, SQM (b.) Dependent Variable: PRICE ANOVA (b) Sum of Model Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
The excerpts are from an interview with Sayf al-Khayyat in Ilaf on June 19.
-- the June 20 closing of the Ilaf Association for Education Support in Jerusalem, using falsified documents to claim Hamas held meetings there; and
In addition to the SCTDA, the delegation will include several institutions concerned with promoting tourism in Sharjah, such as the Sharjah Millennium Hotel, the Golden Tulip Hotel, Embassy Hotel Suites, Marbella Resort, the Sharjah Premiere Hotel, Lulu'a Beach and Resort, Ruby Living Courts Hotel Apartments and Ilaf Tours.
But here, too, there are some positive stories, such as, for example, Umm Ismail of Gaza, who told a correspondent on the popular Internet site Ilaf that she used a cell phone camera at a neighborhood wedding to photograph potential mates for her son, who has already rejected several suggestions from matchmakers.
An online Arabic newspaper, Ilaf, reportedly quoted 'fundamentalist Arab sources' as saying, "Taliban have arrested Osama bin Laden before placing him under surveillance with several of his assistants." Those assistants involved were said to include the head of the Egyptian branch of Al-Jihad, Ayman Al-Zawahri and bin Laden's military commander, Muhammad Atef Al-Makni.
The Saudi Arabian Ilaf site quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as asking the western youth, "Why are you afraid of Islam?"
Carpenter (New York, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, 2010), ILAF Review
"American forces trained the ISIL recruits in a secret military base in Jordan in 2012," Ilaf news website quoted Jordanian officials as saying.