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Alon, Ilai (1990), FarabT's Funny Flora Al-Nawabit as "Opposition", Arabica, T.
Ben has already left out Ilai Tinai -- one of the best sevens players in Fiji -- for disciplinary reasons.
By this re-organization, East Yagba was divided into three village-groups or sub-districts: the village-- group of Isanlu comprising Isanlu-Makutu, Idofin, Ilafin, Irunda and Amuro Odo; the village--group of Mopa made up of Mopa, Orokere, Aiyeteju, Oke-Agi, and Ilai; and the village-- group of Ife-Ejuku comprising Ife-Olukotun, Alu, Jege, Ogbom, Ponyan, Ejuku and Igbagun.
Los estudios llevados a cabo sobre el procesamiento de la informacion emocionalmente relevante indican que los pacientes con TOC podrian tener una mayor sensibilidad hacia los estimulos que estan relacionados con sus temores (por ejemplo, informacion referida a la contaminacion) (Foa, Ilai, McCarthy, Shoyer y Murdock, 1993; Foa y McNally, 1986; Lavy, van Oppen y Van Den Hout, 1994; Tata, Leibowitz, Prunty, Cameron y Pickering, 1996), aunque tambien en este aspecto existen datos contradictorios (Unoki, Kasuga, Matsushima y Ohta, 2000; Cohen, Lachenmeyer y Springer, 2003).
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1978; and Ilai Alon, "Al-Ghazali on Causality," JAOS 100 (1980): 397-405.
Ilai Alon, a professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University, suggested a number of steps to rebuild trust, such as unilateral steps to create credibility, including presentation of positions about trust-building prior to official opening of talks and then the selection of delegations after consultation with each other.
Ilai Allon of Tel Aviv University, who delivered a public lecture on this subject on 3 March 1992.
Ilai, as noted above, this was a fabricated statement on the part of the brothers.
The WRU suspended referee Huw Watkins for 12 weeks after he criticised fellow official Marius Van der Westhuizen on Twitter for only giving Fiji's Ilai Tinai a yellow card for a tip-tackle on Wales' Lee Williams in the Hong Kong Sevens.