ILBIInternational Legally Binding Instrument (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea)
ILBIIntravenous Laser Blood Irradiation
ILBIIntravascular Laser Blood Irradiation
ILBII Love Bainbridge Island (blog)
ILBIIntratumoral Lymphatic and Blood Vessel Invasion (oncology)
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Recently, ILBI and the biological agent etanercept were applied in a medical effort to achieve early control of inflammation, to prevent joint damage or loss of function, and to decrease pain and systemic damage in JIA 11].
Also, a synergistic anti-inflammatory effect of ILBI was proved, if applied additionally in combination with tocilizumab, in case of a therapy-resistant severe form of JIA [12].
Within the Materials petal, another imperative is avoiding any of hundreds of building materials on ILBI's "Red List" of banned materials and substances.
For this purpose, the relative mobility value of bands (Rf) was taken into consideration (Chaisurisri and El-Kassaby, 1993; Ilbi and Eser, 1995; Orcen et al., 1995; Sesli et al 1995, Seyhan et al 1995).
A complete description of the LBC is available on the ILBI website.
Diversos trabalhos em Capsicum que utilizam RAPD tem demonstrado sua utilidade como fonte de informacoes filogeneticas na identificacao de cultivares, em estudos de genealogia, mapeamento genetico, distincao entre acessos, identificacao de duplicatas, estimativa de taxa de intercruzabilidade, entre outros (INAI et al., 1993; PRINCE et al., 1995; VAZQUEZ et al., 1996; LIVINGSTONE et al., 1999; RODRIGUEZ et al., 1999; LIN et al., 2000; BAOXI et al., 2000; ENGLE et al., 2001; KALOO et al., 2002; ILBI, 2003; PARAN et al., 2004; SUGITA et al., 2005; RUANET et al., 2005; COSTA et al., 2006).