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ILCs are currently classified into three distinct populations on the basis of the expression of specific transcription factors and/or cell surface markers and their ability to secrete some profiles of effector cytokines.
"Proteins in these leafy greens could be part of the same signaling pathway that is used by T-bet to produce ILCs," Dr.
"In this study, we discovered that T-bet is the key gene that instructs precursor cells to develop into ILCs, which it does in response to signals in the food we eat and to bacteria in the gut," Dr Belz said.
ILCs, also known as industrial banks, are state-chartered banking institutions that emerged in the early twentieth century operating more or less as financial companies providing consumer credit to low and moderate income workers who were generally otherwise unable to obtain credit from commercial banks.
Separately, Walsh filed a motion to dismiss pursuant to the Citizen Participation Act (CPA), asserting that the suit was a "strategic lawsuit against public participation," or "SLAPP," as defined by 735 ILCS 110/5, and requested that briefing on the other motions be stayed.
Critics contend that ILCs owned by commercial entities may face significant conflicts of interest.
Moreover, ILCs' core capital ratio of 14% in 2006:IQ compares favorably to the 8.25% average for all FDIC-insured institutions.
The moratorium also prohibits changes in control of ILCs during the same period.
In July the FDIC issued a six-month moratorium on all applications for ILCs, in effect keeping Wal-Mart's latest effort in limbo.
At the time of the hearing, Congressman Paul Gillmor, R-Ohio, and Congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., proposed the Industrial Bank Holding Company Act of 2006, which "seeks to enhance the regulation of parent companies of industrial loan companies, restore the traditional separation between banking and commerce, prevent branch banking by some commercially owned ILCs, prohibit the FDIC from granting new charters to commercial companies seeking to start or acquire ILCs, and bolster the examination and enforcement authorities of the FDIC as an ILC regulator," according to an earlier statement from Gillmor's office.