ILCVInscriptiones Latinae Christianae Veteres (Latin)
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Cuius honorificos fama ostendente labores/iustos in pulcrham (sic) sedem gaudent locasse priores/quos dinturna quies fallebat posse videri/Nunc luce praefulgent subuixi altare decoro/collectamque suam gaudent florere coronam/animo quod soilers implevit custos honestus (CIL 20903 = ILCV 1825 lines 5-10).
Both inscriptions have reminiscences of Vergil's Aeneid; examples quoted by Diehl at ILCV (1825).
176: Noy quotes ILCV 3391 [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] as one of his instances that in the Latin word die the e was occasionally written before i, but this Greek transcription stands for die not dei.