ILCWInter-Lutheran Commission on Worship
ILCWImmanuel Lutheran Church Women (Zittau, WI)
ILCWIndependent Living Council of Wisconsin, Inc.
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The ILCW responded to a felt need to revise or replace the "old line" pericopes, especially to add readings from the Hebrew Bible.
It cannot be claimed that the vision here projected was clearly in the minds of the ILCW and its working committees and that they prepared a book to further it.
The ILCW had given explicit permission to issue this publication.
Following closely upon the appearance of WS, the ILCW brought out the first of ten soft-cover Contemporary Worship (CW) trial publications (1969-76).
By 1974 the ILCW and its liturgical committees had carefully studied the text-and- music test evaluations of some of the CW series.
These additions, which ILCW regarded as simply ritual enacting of Lutheran baptismal doctrine, made it through the review process into the LBW.
ILCW decided both to revise the one-year lectionary in light of recent German and Scandinavian revisions and to prepare a three-year lectionary, using the above ecumenical models.
5) Eugene Brand of ILCW and Robert Jenson, both students of Peter Brunner, argued that the eucharistic sacrifice in the Communion was a sacrifice of thanksgiving, not atonement.
Whether the ILCW should even envision a traditional hardcover book was an issue raised by some.
At one point, the ILCW apparently determined to follow the tune-text format for the pew edition, but ultimately reversed course after pressure from the publishers in favor of the typical American hymnal format prevailed.
The ILCW showed great wisdom in looking back into early Christian history for what would shape the future church.
Indeed, some on the ILCW Liturgical Texts Committee must have shared this thought, for the garment is provided for only with a "may" rubric, and that only in the LBW-ME Notes on the Liturgy, not in the rite itself.