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ILDCIncremental Length Diffraction Coefficient
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Second, the ILDC technique together with the numerical contour deformation method was adopted to fast calculate the scattered fields from the 3-D convex sphere.
To elegantly present the ILDC technique, we start with the 3-D convex cylinder as shown in Figure 1.
To adopt the ILDC technique, we consider the differential formulation of S(x, y, z) with respect to the z-axis, which is given by dS(x, y, z) = [??](s) x dz.
OUP said that ILDC is designed to offer information on major international law issues being decided in cases from over 65 jurisdictions and allows users to focus on specific legal topics and to compare how these topics have been dealt with in different jurisdictions.
The NSDP method provides an efficient way to calculate the scattered field from both the PO and the ILDC techniques.
Section 7 derives the ILDC method for calculating the scattered fields from the convex body and wedge.
The incremental length diffraction coefficient (ILDC) technique, which was proposed by Mitzner early in 1974, was used to calculate the diffracted wave fields from the wedge diffraction problem [20].
Yaghjian, "Comparison of high frequency scattering determined from PO fields enhanced with alternative ILDCs," IEEE Trans.
$5,476 4 Canadian Tire Retail $5,264 5 Tim-BR MART Group $3,000 6 ILDC $2,073 7 Sexton Group $1,800 8 Castle $1,720 9 BMR (La Coop federee) $1,700 10 Lowe's Canada $1,100 Rest of the industry $8,694
But a big question for ILDC is whether there are enough companies out there that can meet its criteria and want to become part of what several current members refer to as a "brotherhood."
Members point to several factors that they claim separate ILDC from other buying groups and keep their companies on the competitive edge.