ILDSInternational League of Dermatological Societies
ILDSInterlending and Document Supply (conference; Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
ILDSIntersystems Library Delivery Service
ILDSIllinois Library Delivery System
ILDSInternational Lawrence Durrell Society (est. 1980; literary organization)
ILDSImproved Limited Discrepancy Search
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In present study, the details of exposure to various noxious substance and environmental factors in relation to various ILDs are given in Table 2.
The main aim is to profile ILDs with clincoradiological correlation without surgical lung biopsy (both Vat and Open surgery).
(3) We have suggested that, to avoid confusion with other forms of smoking-related interstitial lung disease (ILD), the lesion be referred to as respiratory bronchiolitis with fibrosis (RBF).
Preliminary findings, unveiled at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2014 International Conference in San Diego, California, demonstrate that the company's molecular classifiers, developed using whole-genome analyses on surgical tissue samples, are able to distinguish ILDs. In several statistical analyses, the classifiers consistently differentiated IPF from multiple ILDs, including non-specific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP) and hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP).
Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a heterogeneous group of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases, characterize by restrictive physiology, impaired gas exchange, pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis.
Anecdotally, it has been our experience that there has been a tendency in the past few years in some academic and nonacademic centers treating patients with ILDs toward extrapolating the findings in a "confident read of a definite UIP pattern on HRCT chest" to other HRCT patterns, perhaps, without supporting evidence.
A recently published survey conducted by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation found that more than half of patients with IPF or other ILDs were misdiagnosed at least once and that, for four in 10 ILD patients, accurate diagnosis took more than a year.
Most of the fibrotic ILDs carry a dismal prognosis with a median survival time for IPF of two to three years from the time of diagnosis.5-8 The diagnosis is not straightforward in most of the cases; Not surprisingly, >50% of these patients are initially misdiagnosed with other forms of respiratory illness.9,10 Timely diagnosis and early referral of patients to centres with specific expertise may lead to more optimal disease management.
We utilize Thomson and Perry's (2006) antecedent-process-outcome framework and repurposing of Wood and Gray's (1991) theory of collaboration to examine the development of the ILDS and offer some answers to this research question.
The advent of high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) has advanced our ability to detect and characterize ILDs. Structural changes in the lungs can often be detected in patients with a normal chest radiograph.