ILEIInternacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj (Esperanto: International League of Esperanto Instructors)
ILEIIndex of Leading Economic Indicators
ILEIinterleukin-like EMT inducer (protein)
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The elucidation of the roles of Dab2 and ILEI as downstream targets of TGF-beta during EMT is important, as it provides clues for eventual drug development to prevent or delay metastatic disease or improve outcomes in chronic diseases, such as interstitial lung or kidney diseases or liver cirrhosis."
Table 1 presents the five indicators that compose the ILEI. Because Indiana-specific data were not available for the length of time needed to analyze the relationship between the data and the Indiana coincident index, all series are national level data.
Census Bureau data on motor vehicles and parts (unfilled orders) would be included in the ILEI. The PMI is commonly used as a national leading indicator (see Figure 2).
The ILEI is based in 1997, the first year for which data for all five data series are available.
Figure 5 shows that the ILEI gave definitive signals--several months of warning signs--of an impending recession in November 1999 and June 2007.
The work on the ILEI was made possible by funding by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
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