ILEVInherently Low Emission Vehicle
ILEVImpinging Leading Edge Vortex
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Honda noted that the GX is the only vehicle certified by the EPA to meet both federal Tier 2-Bin 2 and inherently low-emission vehicle (ILEV) zero evaporative emission certification standards.
Electrician Anatoliy Ilev, from Newcastle, resigned from the McAleer and Rushe site last month claiming he was "appalled" at safety standards.
Baytech noted that, among its CNG-fueled vehicles, the dedicated CNG Express/Savana vans, SUVs and Silverado/Sierra pickups are certified to California super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) and federal inherently low emission vehicle (ILEV) standards, qualifying them for carpool lane access with a single occupant on state highways.
One witness claimed that the Portuguese agent Ilev desta ciudad, quando se pas a Francia, m[sz]s de 40.000 ducados, y entre a los que llev hacienda uno fue este testigo, que le llev 26 pa[+ or -]os y 20 sacones de a[+ or -]inos [...] Luego que este testigo supo que se avia pasado el dicho Antonio Enriquez G mez a Francia, parti desta ciudad a buscarlo, y estubo en Vayona de Francia con el m[sz]s de seis meses, y no pudo cobrar del nada, antes le dijo que si le pedia algo, se avia de hazer prender por espia del Rey de Espa[+ or -]a, y este testigo bisto esto se bino, y en la dicha ciudad de Vayona, le oy decir este testigo a el dicho Antonio Enriquez G mez, que si por alguna cosa deseava benir a Espa[+ or -]a era por pagar al dicho Juan de Yturrica, m[sz]s de 70.000 reales que le devia.
S2D_trifit_mesh_generator(&my_integ, "burgers.dmn", ilevel); S2D geompack_mesh_generator(&my_integ, "burgers.dmn", ntri, ilev); In these calls there is a mesh-level parameter ilev to specify the number of levels of uniform refinement of the coarse mesh, and a pointer to the integration object my_integ.