ILFSInfrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (India)
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Cllr Small said existing regulations were inadequate to protect investors and that watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority should regulate ILFS sales.
Having joined OneAmerica in 2009, Martin has previously served as senior vice president of Product and Business Development for ILFS, responsible for insurance operations and product development for life, annuity and asset-based long-term care, as well as broker-dealer operations.
Similarly, isolated lymphoid follicles (ILFs) are also inductive sites of MALT responses.
The most discriminant regions include corpus callosum (CC), inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus (IFF), uncinate fasciculus (UF), superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF), inferior longitudinal fasciculus (ILF), anterior thalamic radiation (ATR), and corticospinal tract (CT).
[8] An ILFS A in a BF-algebra X with the degree membership [[mu].sub.A]: X [right arrow] L and degree of nonmembership [v.sub.A]: X [right arrow] L is said to have Sup-Inf property if for any subset T of X there exists [x.sub.0] [member of] T such that
ILFS will be acquiring 15 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, and will be leasing them to the airline company.
Srinivasan, Chairman, ILFS Tamilnadu Power Company, India; Nejib Zaafrani, Secretary-General and CEO, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy; and Cornelia Meyer, Independent Energy Expert and Chairman MRL Corporatio, UK.
Then an Intuitionistic L-fuzzy Subset (ILFS) A in a non-empty set X is defined as an object of the form A = {< x, [[mu].sub.A](x), [v.sub.A](x) > / x [member of] X} where [[mu].sub.A] : X [right arrow] L is the degree membership and [v.sub.A] : X [right arrow] L is the degree non- membership of the element x [member of] X satisfying [[mu].sub.A] (x) [less than or equal to] N([v.sub.A] (x)).
"Religare's Nath agrees."Local talent does not get exposed to the global transactions and the ILFs are not able to generate revenue and fee from their Indian clients going overseas, "he adds.
* internal logical files (ILFs) such as logical groups of user defined data and
Two of the most commonly known health-related real estate investments are Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) and Independent Living Facilities (ILFs), which have several benefits and risks in common.
A decade before that, the Bank of India, UTI Bank and HDFC Bank promoted a joint venture called Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (ILFS).