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ILGWUInternational Ladies Garment Workers Union
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Ante el rechazo del ILGWU de colocar Union proletaria en sus oficinas, Lovestone busco entregar la obra a varios museos de Nueva York, pero fue rechazada.
17) Steedman argues that the shift from IUNTW industrial unionism, which emphasized shop floor activism, toward ILGWU international unionism, characterized by a central administration that was more critical of rank-and-file participation, provoked a significant decline in women's ability to enact progressive reform through unionization.
Clementina Duron has published "Mexican Women and Labor Conflict in Los Angeles: the ILGWU Dressmakers' Strike of 1933," Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies 15 (Spring 1984): 145-61.
In a mid-century oral history, Fee's successor in ILGWU organizing in San Francisco Chinatown, Jennie Matyas, a white female immigrant, recalls her progress "organizing the Chinese workers.
Though we cannot know for certain, Tane's accessible and striking poetry probably found a sympathetic and enthusiastic audience among the over 200,000 members of the ILGWU and the readers of its biweekly newspaper.
The garment jobs themselves left years ago; the ILGWU and its wonderful now-nostalgic songs of "socialismus," are a haunting memory of a nation of migrants, a distant one, lost in my own generation.
Fighting for the Union Label chronicles the struggles of the ILGWU to organize the garment industry to put an end to the poor working conditions and low pay scale garment factory workers like my mother experienced in Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley.
Luigi Antonini, the general secretary of ILGWU Local 89, was instrumental in his organization providing the Social Democratic Party with more than $200,000 for its election campaign.
ILGWU Collection, Labor-Management Documentation Center, Cornell University, David Dubinsky Box 160, Folder 2B.
Lewis opened the new Congress of Industrial Organizations to the Communist organizers badly needed for the difficult and often dangerous work of reaching unskilled workers, ILGWU czar David Dubinsky was determined to re-establish AFL hegemony by battering the CIO's dynamic center.
The District was created, Shulsky recalled, to appease the ILGWU - the International Ladies Garment Workers Union- and was instigated around the time the Times Square redevelopment plan was crafted and many buildings were to be condemned.
I grew up in a home with college-educated parents because (on my mother's side) the ILGWU had helped her father survive the Great Depression without sinking into poverty, and because New York City, as a good labor town, had somehow maintained a free public college for both my parents to attend (which, in our current reactionary age, has ceased to be free, needless to say).