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ILHAIowa Lincoln Highway Association
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The message needs to be outstanding on both the level of content and also delivery," says Barak Hirschowitz, President of the ILHA, "which is why we have partnered with AWeber, so that they can bring their expertize to your audience.
Maracatu Ilha Brilhante is a band playing rhythms from the Pernambuco region of Brazil, incorporating members of other groups from Belfast, Cork, Wexford, Dublin, Kilkenny and Sligo - you can't get much more All-Ireland than that
Como area fechada de dificil acesso, em geral, a ilha e simbolo para algo especial ou perfeito.
Lisa Potts, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Trump Hotel Collection, said “I was thrilled to be a presenter at the inaugural International Luxury Hotel Association Fast Forward 2020 Conference and to be joined by fellow ILHA Advisory Board members and thought leaders in the luxury hotel industry.
Anthony Arrobo's nearly otherworldly resin rock, Perfect Crime, 2013, was cast from a boulder now submerged deep in the Guaiba; Tarek Atoui's performance Signal Jammed Geographies, 2013, connected the Ilha do Presidio to the power station through recorded radio transmissions from the island, the noise manipulated into a spellbinding atmosphere of sound.
FARO'S 'ILHAS' (ISLAND BEACHES) THIS is where the tourists head in their droves and Ilha da Armona is one of the largest and most popular islands in the area.
A lot has been said about Ilha Deserta and its beauty on the virtual grapevine - and it lived up to the hype.
Nota sobte algumas tangas de barro cosido dos antigos indigenas da ilha de Marajo.
In light of such evidence-based data, there is a pressing need to control the risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD), said international expert Dr Jorge Ilha GuimarEaAues, former president of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, and conference chair.
Na ilha da Madeira, muitos alemaes-judaicos, residentes e estabelecidos na comunidade ha muito tempo, de repente veem-se diante de um problema inusitado, questionados quanto aos seus antecedentes "religiosos", para nao dizer "raciais".
When you reach the peak of mental activity, psychological relief and cheerfulness of the heart and you feel that you are far away from reality, try to say 'Allhu Akbar' (Allah is the Greatest), 'Subhn Allah' (Glory be to Allah), and L ilha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah) along with making a particular motion with your finger.