ILHSIllinois Labor History Society
ILHSIndustriLedarHögSkolan (Swedish: School of Industrial Leadership)
ILHSIntelligent Load-Handling System (Army)
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When the ILHS was founded there existed two normative conceptions of Irish labour history.
In 1980, for example, the ILHS convened its biggest ever conference under the title "The Making of the Irish Working Class." The image of Irish labour's past as a "forward march" spancelled by nationalism and economic backwardness appealed to an Irish left seduced by mo dernization theory, and convinced that post-1950s industrialization was finally eliminating those three great enemies of class politics: the priest, the peasant, and the patriot.
March ILHS tape; interviews with Weightman, Jesse Vaughn, and March, UPWOHP tapes 32-33, 299-300, 284-288, 295.