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ILIInfluenza Like Illness
ILII Love It
ILIInstitute of Life Insurance (now American Council of Life Insurers)
ILIIndian Law Institute (est. 1956)
ILIIran Language Institute (est. 1979)
ILIIncorrect Length Indicator
ILIInternational Law Institute
ILIInternet Librarian International
ILIInstitute for Learning Innovation (Edgewater, MD)
ILIInternational Literacy Institute
ILIInline Inspection
ILIIndigenous Language Institute
ILIInstrumentation and Laboratory Improvement
ILIIrish Life International (Ireland)
ILIInformation Literacy Initiative (various universities)
ILIIliamna, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ILIIndividual Level Intervention (public health)
ILIInfosys Leadership Institute
ILIIndependent Long Island
ILIInternational Lubricants, Inc.
ILII Like Ike
ILIIntelligent Link Interface (routers)
ILIInsular Language Institute (Isla Margarita, Venezuela)
ILIInstitute for Land Information
ILIInternational Learning Institute
ILIInternational Language Institution
ILIInstitutionally-Priced Life Insurance
ILIIntelligent Line Interface
ILIInstant Lunar Ionosphere
ILIInvestors Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
ILIInstitute for Logic and Intelligence
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ILI is a condition that presents with fever, cough, sore throat, shivering, chills, malaise, body aches, and/or nausea and is often associated with rapid onset.
The root cause of many deepwater inspection difficulties lies in the design of the pipeline itself Involving ILI experts in the initial stages of designing the pipeline simplifies future inspections, delivering time and cost savings throughout its lifetime.
Eisenberg (2008) opines that a curriculum suited for the integrated instruction should be selected from the existing curriculum units and advocates integrative ILI with classroom teachers, librarians and other educators together to design and deliver information skills and classroom content.
HAT TRICK HERO Connacht's try scoring star Stacey Ili
But after signing Ili, he said: "As we look to challenge in both the Pro12 and European Champions Cup, the addition to our squad of a player like Stacey increases our options all across the back line.
Znanstvenik koji postane svjestan rasirene ideje ili drustvene prakse s vaznim posljedicama, a ciju ispravnost ponistavaju njegovi podaci, duzan je na tu pogresku skrenuti pozornost sto je moguce vecega broja ljudi.
If you want to find out whether ili is an improvement, Logbar is currently looking for travel industry businesses to try its latest invention, but the rest of us will have to wait until the summer for the finished product.
ILI can be prevented by, among others, getting influenza vaccination annually, minimizing contact with person who has influenza and avoiding crowded places.
CHF mortality and ILI data were not available for one week during the 2003-04 season (CDC week 40) and CHF mortality data were not available for four weeks during the 2006-07 season (CDC weeks 48-51).
Other imminent threats could possibly follow: harm to fisheries; contamination of both surface and ground water; disruption of the water balance and natural equilibrium-as the Irtysh feeds Lake Zaisan and the Ili feeds Lake Balkhash both lakes will likely decline; increasing land salinity and degradation of pastures; environmental degradation; deterioration of the epidemiological situation; and last but not least, water shortage.
kopa cha'p'ejl kopa dos copas, ili lumil panimil a esta tierra del mundo machik wolix cha'ach no venimos de a gratis tyilelojon kpaselojon waleyi senor jesukristo Ahora, senor Jesucristo yumyosyos pagre senor Dios, Dios padre, 3.
A single study is available from the Southern Hemisphere and indicates a 14% reduction in ILI incidence during winter break in Argentina during 2005-2008; the largest decrease was observed among children 5-14 years of age (6).