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ILIAIndiana Limestone Institute of America (Bedford, Indiana)
ILIAIn Lieu of Involuntary Action (civilian personnel)
ILIAInternational Livestock Identification Association
ILIAInnovative Learning in Action (journal; University of Salford; UK)
ILIAIn-Line Inspection Association
ILIAIrish Landlords and Incumbrancers' Association
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The pope met Patriarch Ilia after his arrival on Friday and was due to have another meeting with him on Saturday night.
The researchers conservatively estimate that about one in 2,500 people in Nunavik may have glycogen storage disease type Ilia.
A few years ago, Georgian Patriarch, Ilia II, voiced the idea of restoration of monarchy in Georgia.
Rien n'a change depuis un an, nos exigences n'ont pas ete satisfaites et il y a de nouveau des prisonniers politiques", a declare a l'AFP l'un des participants, Ilia, 48 ans, ingenieur.
Argumenta Ilia Galan que la filosofia no es simplemente sabiduria sino, por encima de todo, "amor" a la sabiduria, y por tanto hay que tener presente ese elemento irracional.
Given the anti-Roman humor of much grass-roots Orthodox opinion, any perception that Alexy and Ilia were acting in tandem with the pope would be a disaster.
Sin embargo, es el que se ha fijado y obtenido el profesor Ilia Galan con la escritura de este libro, aparentemente un manual pero realmente un ejercicio intelectual comprometido con la ardua pretension de lograr transparencia donde hoy reina un caos solo deseable por quienes encuentren provechosa la retorica de la confusion, util si se acepta que las rebajas en el campo del pensamiento han de ser definitivas.
He's trapped in a love triangle, having fallen for Ilia, a captive Trojan princess, when he ought to be marrying Elettra, daughter of Agamemnon.
That's how Georgian captain Ilia Zedginidze feels about his nation's first sporting appearance on the global stage.
Ilia Karmanov, from Ealing, west London, who gained a B, said he hoped to become a games programmer when he grew up, but did not want to work for the world's most famous software company, Microsoft.
En su afan de seguir creciendo, Telemundo contrato para presentar un noticiero durante el fin de semana a la periodista colombiana Ilia Calderon.
JAW612) ILIA LEKACH, CEO of E COM VENTURES INC (ECMV), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.