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How iLink has implemented a SharePoint 2010 BI/Remedy solution for one of our clients
Additionally, Ilink will present, "ilink integrates videoconferencing in Sametime" as part of a program, "Smarter work for small and medium sized companies," sponsored by the Deutsche Notes User Group, 2:50pm-3:10pm at the ilink booth, March 4, 2011.
Agility Systems, which launched its new iLink version 3.
FireWire, also called IEEE 1394 or iLink, is a cross-platform standard for high-speed digital connections between computers and peripherals.
He also was a founding owner of ILink Document Management Services Limited, Hong Kong, a provider of professional document management services to corporate customers.
New Director[TM] Xstream and iLink Agg Xstream Enable IT Departments to Improve Network Quality of Service, Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce Capex
iLINK enables institutions to provide a full suite of payments capability including remote deposit, controlled disbursements, wire transfer, ACH origination, internal transfer, cash concentration, check management, stop payment initiation, imaging and loan reporting.
Another key feature is the new linker, called ILINK, is significantly faster, to minimize the time it takes to perform a new link in more complex applications.
a leading provider of test equipment for digital designers, today announced new signal analysis capabilities for its TLA700 Series logic analyzers, signaling the completion of the iLink Tool Set, an integrated suite of logic analyzer, oscilloscope and accessories for maximum design, debug and troubleshooting proficiency.