ILISIntelligent Lift Interlock System (vehicles)
ILISInternational Lesbian Information Service (The Netherlands)
ILISIntegrated Land Information System (various locations)
ILISIntegrated Labour Inspection System (International Labour Organization)
ILISIntelligent Laboratory Information System
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Vigilance by health authorities and cooperation by the public assisted in detecting many ILIs that were not associated with pandemic (H1N1) 2009.
EDIS is a real-time ED monitoring system implemented across Winnipeg hospitals that captures information on every ED visit, including patient demographics and 'chief complaints.' We obtained aggregated daily data on the number of ED visits attributed to ILI and the total number of visits (for any reason) to all EDs included in EDIS.
Furthermore, in the recent years, IWA Task Forces have developed and tested the usage of Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) as a water losses performance indicator.
First, we ignored the parameters used in phase 2, and second, difficulties occurred in testing all of the samples taken from patients who sought consultation for ILIs. Nevertheless, because the pandemic did not spread in the community in phase 1, we believe that this underestimation would have been quite low.
Pipeline operators today employ a variety of in-line inspection (ILI) tools--often called smart pigs--to perform a variety of functions.
Ever since medieval times the Nizari Isma ilis, made famous in Europe as the Assassins, have held a particular fascination for Europeans.
Tri najcesca elementa, formalno i povijesno kajkavskog podrijetla, koji utjecu na aktualnu normu jesu sirenje sinkretickog vokativa, sirenje futura prvog na mjesto futura drugog i sirenje prezenta svrsenih glagola u sluzbi imperativa ili futura, a sva su tri elementa, zanimljivo, zapravo posredovani neosporivo najprestiznijim varijetetom - zagrebackim.
There are additional ILI data management and analysis requirements from the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA).
The facility complements the existing 7,500 sq ft Hot Tap and Stopple Plugging Service Centre by adding a stand-alone maintenance capability aimed primarily at the ILI regional market.
Results: Citywide ILI drug sales were highest during annual influenza epidemics and elevated during spring and fall allergy seasons, similar to trends in the EL)fever/influenza syndrome.
Baseless polemical distortion was also the charge, taken seriously by Knysh, that Ibn al-[subset]Arabi was influenced by Shi[subset]i, in particular Isma[subset] ili, teaching in his concept of the expected Mahdi, the messianic restorer of the "house of the Prophet" (pp.
Autorice brisanje definiraju kao >>proces u kojem ideologija, pojednostavljujuci polje jezicnih praksi, cini neke osobe ili aktivnosti ili sociolingvisticke pojave nevidljivima<< (ibid.